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I’ve been switching between Blogger and WordPress for a long time until I finally settled on WordPress then went back to Blogger again! However, both of the blog services are very disappointing.

First of all, I like Blogger because it’s simple and easy-to-use. Adding and editing Page Elements like inserting pictures on your blog sidebar or making a list are straight-forward. Blogger also provides fun and useful widgets; you can also add your own html script.

But on WordPress, in order to just simply add a picture to my sidebar I had to go through many complicated tutorials, and deal with html. That was very upsetting.

Although Blogger doesn’t provide many templates, I could change my template any time and activate any downloaded template from the web for free. Whereas on WordPress (which has more templates), you have to upgrade your version in order to activate a downloaded template or change the color of the background of your blog. Thumbs-up for Blogger on this feature.

Many people have switched to WordPress because it is more professional; it has a powerful blog-statistics and comment moderation feature which Blogger does not have.

Also, the WordPress community is better connected and livelier than Blogger’s. On WordPress, you can easily search and find other WordPress blogs and know the most popular WordPress posts. It’s a worthy chance to get to know other bloggers.

WordPress’ dashboard is handier than Blogger’s: it has Support, Forums, and other.

WordPress has a more advanced categorizing system for your posts. You can add categories which are narrowed down to tags. On blogger it’s just categories. On WordPress, you could add a tag or category cloud.

I think the best feature on WordPress is the ability to add pages. Blogger users cannot do that.

I found it effortless to create my first blogs on both WordPress and Blogger.

Another thing I’ve realized is that most Blogger blogs are abandoned by their owners after writing just one or no posts. Some are dated back to 2006.
I’ve noticed that people who don’t write useful things for the community, like filling posts with family pictures or writing diaries in colloquial speech, lean towards Blogger.
Most WordPress users are more serious with their posts, but I’m not saying that all Blogger posts aren’t useful.

Blogger has more image storage than WordPress, but you could upgrade your storage on WordPress.

My conclusion:
WordPress definitely has more powerful features and options than Blogger, but things like cornering you to their plain templates unless you upgrade or making simple tasks difficult make you stop and appreciate Blogger.

Currently, it’s difficult to advise one between the two; it depends on how you blog and the services you prefer.

There is room for improvement for both of the blog providers.

If you’re concerned with how your blog looks, try Blogger. If you’re more into writing and don’t really mind the look of your blog, go for WordPress.

But what if I want you want powerful features AND a pretty blog (like me)? That’s a sticky situation.


Another good comparison: http://rob.orangejack.com/2006/03/02/comparing-bloggercom-to-wordpresscom/


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