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Shopaholic Abroad (also called Shopaholic takes Manhattan) is the second book in the best-selling Shopaholic series, by Sophie Kinsella.

This time, Rebecca Bloomwood, the shopaholic, moves to New York, where her boyfriend, Luke, has made a deal. She also has a chance to work there.

New York is a shopping paradise for Rebecca, but can she pay off all her debts and stay with Luke?

Will Rebecca be able to keep her job when Alicia, who works for Luke at Brandon Communications, tries to ruin Rebecca and Luke’s reputation?

Near the end of the book, things start to get more thrilling and you’ll become excited to know what will happen to Rebecca.

This is the first Shopaholic series book I’ve read, and even though I don’t like these types of books, I enjoyed this one. It was downright funny. Even though I wanted to, I couldn’t laugh hard at school or else I would have looked awkward. I adored how the author, Kinsella, wrote the book in Rebecca’s point of view. It was very realistic too.

This was an exhilarating read, but I didn’t find the end satisfying. I also thought some parts were unnecessarily long.

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