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Everyone talks about High School Musical.
I had to watch it because everybody used to awe whenever they heard that I haven’t watched the movie.
I thought I was missing something huge.
But after watching 1 and 2 I wondered, “Is this what I’ve been missing?’
I disliked 1 because it had “A perfect plot” and everything was perfect in the end.
It had an extremely “unreal” ending where everything ended perfectly at a situation where it was impossible to get everything right. They actually tinkered the basketball board to make it in time to do the singing show and the Math competition (or Chemistry or whatever)! What makes it more unrealistic is that it they won everything.
The actors sung better than the way they acted.
Although High School Musical 2 was a little bit better because some real dilemmas occurred in the plot, the ending was still ridiculous; Troy’s friends made the perfect surprise for him to meet up Gabriella in the end. It was like a fairy tale where everyone lived happily ever after.
The movie sounded fake and I didn’t like the songs, even though they were good for karaoke singing.
I think this movie is fun for 10 year olds or younger kids.
My advice is that if you haven’t watched the movie, just watch it because it’s a tween sensation and at least you could give your opinion during chat groups instead of saying you haven’t watched the movie at all.
According to IMDb, High School Musical 3: Senior Year will be released on 24 October, 2008.
I hope it’s going to be more real.
Disney Channel is working on High School Musical 4, too.

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