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This book is the best I’ve read in a while. It’s about a cartoonist named Junior who lives in an Native American reservation. He narrates his story as he steps outside the hopeless condition of the rest of his people in search of a better education and a better future: he goes to a white high school in a neighboring town.

As Junior says on the first sentence, “I was born with water in the brain”, he has a couple of health issues and is not the most popular person among his people. His only friend, other than his dog, is his abused best-friend Rowdy.

Junior is considered a “traitor” and a betrayer by his people for leaving the school and going to another school in a white town. Junior narrates how he battles against all odds to fit in and rise above the rest, being the change he wants to see in his life.

I think that this story is about hope and change. I hate teen literature, but this story, told with brilliant humor, is truly up-lifting and emotional. It was very inspirational for me.

We are studying about Native Americans at school, and I was very interested to know what reservation-life was like for young people in the 20th century (the story is set in approx. 2006).

I finished this book in only a few hours and I loved every moment of it.

People of all ages will cherish this book; it’s one that you will read over and over again.

Note: the cartoons inside the book were awesome! (Illustrations by Ellen Forney)

my rating: 10/10 (excellent)

This is Sherman Alexie’s first book for young adults. He is a notable Native American writer, poet and moviemaker. Visit his website

Alexie shall be visiting Cornell University March 6 to talk about his book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, and he will also be signing copies. More info

Hopefully, I will get my book signed!


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