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Nadal seems to bite everything…

If I ever get a chance to ask Rafael Nadal one question, it would be why he bites his trophies.

Nadal is recognized for biting his trophies instead of kissing them like all the other tennis players.

A lot of discussion has been going on about this… here are some quotes from discussion boards and answers.yahoo.com:

“A symbol of humbleness”
“To show how delicious victory tastes”
“Marking it as partly his forever”
“In case it gets stolen it will have his dental imprint”

He has never mentioned why he does this act in any of his interviews.

Is it just a trademark, or is there something behind this?

A few probable reasons is that:
1) he wants to record his victory eternally, so whenever you see a dental imprint on a trophy, you will remember that Nadal has claimed that trophy

2) when he becomes an oldie rocking in his chair, whether he claimed the
World Number 1 title or not, the dental imprints will remind him of his lifetime journey of achieving his dream as a young adult

If Nadal ever becomes World Number 1, I’m sure he will be featured on Larry King Live, where questions posted by people are asked on the show. I hope someone asks him why he bites his trophies.

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biting the Toronto Masters trophy(July 2008)

biting the ATP Masters trophy (May 2008)

chewing the handle at the Barcelona Open (May 2008)

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