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Author: Agatha Christie
Genre: Detective Fiction
My rating: 5/5

In Murder on the Orient Express, a brutal killing takes place, the train is stuck in a snow bank and everybody is trapped.

Hercule Poirot is on the Orient Express on his way from Syria.

A man named Samuel Ratchett, comes up to the Belgian detective and asks him to work for him because his life is threatened, but Hercule refuses to take his case. The next morning, the man is found dead in his compartment, stabbed 12 times.

Poirot, his old friend M. Bouc, and Dr. Constantine investigate the case.

Although the window of Mr. Ratchett’s compartment is open, there are no fingerprints on it. The murderer is inside the train, among all the 13 suspects.

After interviewing each of the suspects Poirot discovers that Mr. Rachett’s real name is Cascetti, the man responsible for the kidnapping and murder of a little girl named Daisy Armstrong, and that the suspects have a sort of connection with the Armstrong case.

He considers the bizarre clues (which lead to more than one killer) and triggers his little gray brain cells before exposing the mystery.

Was it an evil unjust murder or a justice-serving execution?

After reading this story, I found it very satisfying and intriguingly clever.

It’s a must-read!

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Author: Agatha Christie
Genre: Detective Fiction
My rating: 5/5
In The ABC Murders, Capatin Arthur Hastings, a friend of Poirot, narrates the story of a serial killer on the loose, murdering random people brutally in alphabetical order of their names and the places they live in.
Before each murder the killer sends letters to Poirot taunting him and giving him clues of the next murder.
Captain Hastings, Poirot, and the rest of the police team follow the clues on the letters only to find out that the crimes have already been committed with an ABC railway guide on top of each dead body, and no evidence whatsoever that could lead to the identity of the killer.
Soon everybody is convinced that this unidentified murderer is insane, but after the killer makes a crucial mistake Hercule Poirot proves otherwise.
This is one of Poirot’s most challenging mysteries that tests his cleverness, and Poirot once again shows thats he is fit for the task.
At the end of the book Poirot reveals the murderer whom you would have never suspected and proves all your thoughts wrong…
The ABC Murders is a stirring book that you will not be able to put down until the mystery is discovered.
Agatha Christie truly is the Queen of Crime.
P.S. This book was so gripping that I finished reading it in 2 days.
This novel has been adapted in 1965 and 1992.
The 1992 film stars David Suchet as Hercule Poirot.

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