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On my previous post, I promised to post a comparison between the two book community sites, GoodReads and Shelfari.

Both of them are very similar to each other and have practically the same options, but GoodReads has allows you to collect quotes, trivia, add events and share your writing. It also has videos. I think the ‘writing’ section was totally unnecessary, and ‘quotes’ is an important feature which Shelfari doesn’t have. If only you could add ‘book excerpts’… I’d love to treasure my favorite Gabriel Garcia moments! ‘Trivia’ is a great idea, but the way they are displayed isn’t practical and doesn’t allow you to enjoy them.

One of the most significant GoodReads feature is that you could create your own shelves, other than the shelves which are available: To-read, currently-reading, and read. But I’ve also noticed that you could only create ‘”sub-shelves” under the shelves which they give you, which is ok, but it would’ve been better if you could create your own bookshelves.

The two sites both have pros and cons at finding books. GoodReads has an excellent ‘other editions’ feature, which gives you a list of many other publication editions of a specific book, and when you find the edition you want (or which looks like the one you own), you then click ‘switch to that edition’. That’s how I find most of my books; but I’ve noticed that some books have wrong covers, and I can only correct them if I apply and get accepted for a ‘librarian status’  (I applied yesterday and haven’t got accepted yet). Non of the two sites are perfect at finding books, but rare books are better found on GoodReads. Also, on GoodReads you could track which page you’re reached on books you’re ‘currently reading’.

Shelfari is more practical and visually interesting than GoodReads. GoodReads has a neat design, and a wonderful ‘cover’ display option for your shelf, but its ‘groups’ page and a few other pages are a bit cluttered and overwhelming. I don’t know why, but I still haven’t made any friends on GoodReads; whereas on Shelfari, it was very easy to view other’s profiles and shelves and request their friendship. On Shelfari, you could see your whole profile on one page: groups, friends, notes and your shelf. Thumbs-up for Shelfari on their design and practicality.

Both Shelfari and GoodReads allow you to create and join groups, but group interactions, like creating and engaging in discussions and joining groups, is much neater and spacious on Shelfari. As I said before, GoodReads is too cluttered and everything on it is so tiny.

I find it difficult to settle on either site of the two, which I’ll have to do eventually. I want GoodReads because I could add and name my own shelves; and I find it easier to socialize, discuss and make friends on Shelfari. For now, the perfect booklover heaven hasn’t been created yet, but Sherlfari is pretty engaging – breezy socialization is a vital part of it!




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I have been addicted to Shelfari ever since I discovered it a few days ago.

Shelfari is an online community for bookworms to create their own bookshelves and sort their books there. You can join or create groups to connect and discuss with other people with the same tastes.

I love shelfari because of all those possibilities you could do and also because of the design of the website, which is simple and very practical.

If you love to read then I highly recommend that you create an account.

Check my profile: http://www.shelfari.com/zawan

Shelfari is not the only book community site; others include goodreads and librarything.

I think librarything is too cluttered and unappealing.

Both goodreads and shelfari are very good, and I’m a member on both of them because I can’t choose one to stick to; each one has great features which the other doesn’t have!

Hopefully, I shall post a comparison between the two on the upcoming post.




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Quizlet – great for studying


Today, I’ve discovered a highly efficient website, Quizlet, which allows you to create your own flashcards and study them or play other flashcards created by users in order to prepare for tests or quizzes.

I’m giving this site 5 stars and it deserves to be linked at my sidebar. It’s also very easy to use.

There are lots of ways to study and help you to memorize things at Quizlet.

I think that teachers and students will really benefit from this site. The good thing is that you could join a group (such as your classmates) and study or edit your flashcards.

Did you know that Quizlet was created by a high-school student? read the Quizlet story

Andrew Sutherland, creator of Quizlet

I’d say that Quizlet is superb for studying vocabulary, definitions for any subject and facts of points. I’ve already created an account and made flashcards for the new words I’ve discovered and for my Geography test.

Please share Quizlet with your friends.


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Ebooks and e-newspapers

I have no choice but to read ebooks because in Sudan there is no access to the latest books and Amazon service is not available here. Thankfully, most ebook websites allow even those living in Sudan to create accounts and purchase ebooks.

Since I don’t have a laptop, I have to read my ebooks on a desktop computer, which is very uncomfortable.  A disadvantage of ebooks is that you cannot print them out because they are protected.

I wish I had a kindle.

Some months ago, I made an account on ebooks.com. I downloaded The Film Club, The Shack, and Atonement. Something very strange happened when I downloaded The Shack. I received the wrong cover! The picture looked scanned and it said "So you don’t want to go to church".

In my opinion, diesel-ebooks, another place to purchase ebooks, is much better than ebooks.com. It definitely has newer ebooks and a wider collection that ebooks.com.

Two excellent programs to read ebooks on your computer or laprop are Microsoft Reader and Adobe Digital Editions. Both of them are free and they’re clear and easy to use.

The iRex Digital Reader 1000, is the same as the Kindle except that you read newspapers instead of ebooks on it. Read more

read this also, about e-newspapers in general: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/08/technology/08ink.html?scp=1&sq=e%20newspapers&st=cse

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Here are 4 BBC sites I’ve discovered that you may like:

  1. Blast


    Blast is a BBC site for young people interested in art and design, dance, film, music, writing, games or fashion.

    Each category has a sub-site where you can discuss topics related to your interests, read about events, see submissions by other young people and submit your own, get advice from experts, download tools and lots more.

    It’s a great place to explore and be inspired by other young people.

  2. Bloom
    Bloom, an interactive flash site, shows you how to "make smarter decisions about the things you can do to become more climate-friendly" by helping you find suitable actions depending on your lifestyle that make a difference in the environment.
    Each time you make an action, click on its seed and it’ll bloom into a flower. The more environment-friendly actions you make, the more flowers will bloom in your garden. It’s a great way to track your progress.
    Also, read facts, opinions and debates to see how much of a difference you’re really making.
    learn more
  3. GCSE Bitesize

    If you’re preparing for the IGCSE exam, then this is a highly recommended site for you. It has summaries and useful skills on all of the subjects of the exam including Spanish, physical education and ICT. Download free audio related to your subject and play games. It’s easy to become a member and discuss subjects and experiences with other people. 
  4. Slink

    Slink is an online magazine for young teen girls where you’ll find advice on everyday life, information, entertainment, health, games, fashion and beauty tips, and lots of other stuff.
    It’s a fun and informative site to check out.

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Have you ever needed graph paper for school or music paper?

If so, then you’ll love printablepaper.net, where you can download hundreds of detailed types of paper such as lined paper, dot paper, score sheets, hexagon graph paper and much more.

It is very simple to download papers: just click on the type of paper you want and it will be downloaded as a PDF document. Print the paper then use it!

Visit printablepaper.net

Music Paper with ten staves on letter-sized paper in portrait orientation paper    Lined Paper narrow-ruled on letter-sized paper in portrait orientation paper   Law Ruled Paper paper    Graph Paper with four lines per inch on letter-sized paper paper
free music paper, lined paper grids etc…

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