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Camp Rock, which is supposed to be the next High School Musical, stars our favorite band, the Jonas Brothers, and Demi Lovato, a new rising star.

Mitchie (Demi Lovato) is a talented musician who’d love to go to a music summer camp called Camp Rock. Her mother can’t afford it, but she decides to do the catering there and will take Mitchie as long as she helps around in the kitchen.

At Camp Rock, Mitchie meets the “Queen bee”, Tess Tyler (who is also the camp diva), and her fellow bees, and in order to fit in with them, decides to hide her true identity and pretend to be one of them, dumping her friend Caitlyn.

Shane Gray is a popstar and a band member of Connect Three along with his mates Jason and Nate (Kevin and Nick). Because of his bad attitude, he is forced to instruct in dance classes for one month at Camp Rock.

When Shane hears Mitchie singing her song, This is me, by coincidence, it reminds him of how music used to motivate him. He becomes determined in finding out who the person singing the song was.

Shane soon becomes interested in Mitchie, not knowing that she was the one singing that song. This causes Tess the diva to become jealous. After discovering Mitchie’s real identity, Tess takes the advantage to humiliate her in front of Shane and the whole camp body.

Although the plot of Camp Rock was the same as any typical tween movie: When a cute talented girl gets attention from a boy, it causes the popular mean Plastic to become jealous and plot to ruin her life, it seemed more original and unique.

I thought the setting of the movie, which was a camp in the open woods, was really good because it gives you a spacious feeling.

The ending of Camp Rock was a copy of Raise your Voice (Hilary Duff), but it’s definitely better than High School Musical.

Demi and Joe Jonas have great voices and are much more talented than the stars of High School Musical. The songs This is me, Who will I be, and Gotta Find You are truly amazing.

The lesson behind Camp Rock is just be who you are and don’t hide your identity. It’s also about peer pressure and gives an insight on girl cliques and the whole popularity thing, like Mean Girls.

Apart from being great singers, The Jonas Brothers are great actors too.

Gary March, the Disney Channel World president, has confirmed that a script is being written for Camp Rock 2 (which is intended to be released on June 2009), including a special appearance from The Jonas Brothers’ youngest brother, Frankie!

Camp Rock is a pleasant family movie that you’ll enjoy watching.

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