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Coraline – movie review

Today I watched the 3-D animation movie, Coraline.

The movie is about a young girl named Coraline (Dakota Fanning) who moves to a creepy old house with her distracted and computer-obsessed parents. As she is exploring the house, she comes upon a small door which leads her to another world, where she sees another version of her parents, with black buttons for eyes. They claim to be her “other parents”; her “other” mother and father are not as distracted as her old parents, and give her what she had always wished from her parents: a perfect and attentive family. Once her new parents tuck her to bed, she wakes up every time to find herself at her old parents’ house, and goes everyday to spend the night with her perfect parents. But when her other mother tells her that she can stay with them from now on, under the condition that she lets her eyes get replaced with buttons, Coraline firmly refuses and that’s when her perfect mother turns into a gothic, evil enemy. Then Coraline sets on an adventure to find her real parents, who have been kidnapped by her other mother, and rescue the eyes of other ghost-children who had been tricked and trapped by the evil mother.

I enjoyed this movie very much. The characters, especially the mysterious neighbors whom Coraline meets, were memorable and creative. The animation is one reason you must see this film. The graphics of the film were breathtaking and vivid.This movie is very creepy, and it will keep audiences of all ages thrilled and excited. I’m not a fan of action scenes, and I thought that the ones in the film could’ve been reduced a bit; however, this is a movie I really loved: it had witty dialogue, an original plotline with a mystery, and was very funny.

my rating: 9/10

Caroline is an adaptation of the 2002 novella by Neil Gaiman, author of The Graveyard Book.


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