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I came upon a very interesting article in the nytimes about students participating in parent-teacher meetings.

At a middle school in Illinois, the parents’ attendance increased dramatically (from 75 parents in 2003 to 535 now) after the principal announced that  the student – who is what the meeting is about and who is responsible for his/her own education – should participate and lead the meeting. Family members and close family friends are also welcome.

Another factor that increased the parents’ attendance rate is that the parents don’t have to book an appointment to come. They can just come within a specific but wide time period.

This idea has spread and has been adapted nationwide.

After reading the article, I also remembered one day when my dad was supposed to go to a meeting at my school, and I asked him, aren’t there meeting where students can also come?

This is a brilliant idea that should more schools should consider. If the whole meeting is centered around your education and well-being, then why should you wait at home?

“At the student-led conferences, our children are learning to be organized and capable adults someday,” Ms. Issa said. “When I was growing up, my parents went to my conference, and I waited at home, scared they would come back with some concerns. With this new kind of conference, there are no secrets.

That way, students can take charge of their own education and learn to be responsible and committed.

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