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What keeps me going

Olivia tagged me to post about what keeps me going.
The truth is that books keep me motivated. I am always curious about notable books and I can’t wait to know what is inside them!

Books aren’t the only things which keep me going, though; I’d like to go to college and study literature and become a book critic, so I strive to read a lot and get high grades so I could do what I like in the future. I also have a couple of skills which I’d like to learn, including playing a musical instrument, improving my computer graphics skills, and learning programming and website design.

So basically, learning and reading keep me motivated.

Anyone who is interested in this meme is welcome to go ahead and post it on his/her blog.


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I was tagged by Olivia and Pri to post about what I would do if I were the last person on earth.

If I were the last person on earth I would probably enjoy it for myself, break into shops and take whatever I want; and when I get lonely I would find some extraterrestrial friends.

You can do this meme if you like, but for now I’ll tag Lina Idris.

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