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I’ve started a new blog yesterday called The School Episode which will be about my experiences and opinions in grade nine. I’ll be covering topics like bullying, friends and cliques.

visit The School Episode


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A list of good blogs by young bloggers:

KidReviewer (movies, books and games reviews by a kid)

The Writing Pages (About writing, books, authors, reviews, and other)

Delve into the Mind of a Budding Blogger (poems, stories, humor, mystery, fiction…)

Nicole Blogs (pets, music, movies, and t.v. shows)

Andi’s Eye (stories and misc.)

Teen Baker (recipes from a 13 year old)

If you know a kid blog, don’t hesitate to write a comment.

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I think it’s great that more and more young bloggers are starting their own blogs, which gives them a chance to have their say.

Sometimes tweens and teens blog in a very professional way that you wouldn’t even realize that the content is written by a youngster unless you read their profile.
Also, some bloggers are getting their own domains too.

Bloggers like Carl Ocab, David Wilkinson, Maher Saleh and Jessicah Maha are extremely popular, but one thing I realize is that all of those blogs are either about tech or making money… young bloggers DO need more niches.

Some young girls have their own online diaries, which I don’t really enjoy reading because I think people read blogs to get information and entertain themselves, not read about people’s lives for no reason.

If you’ve realized, my blog doesn’t have a particular niche; I blog about lots of stuff: movie and book reviews, The Sims 2 (my favorite game), tennis and everything that I’m interested in.

Nowadays, teens and tweens spend most of their time on the computer and have greater computer abilities.
Anybody who has access to the internet can start his/her own blog.

Although blogs run by young people are increasing, there are only 3 that I enjoy and read regularly:

Kid Reviewer
The Writing Pages
Delve into the Mind of a Budding Blogger

What I like most about those blogs is that they have unique content that you won’t find in other blogs, like reviews from a kid’s perspective and original writing.

It would be a change if someone starts a blog about something other than technology or money.

List of blogs created by kids (kidreviewer.com)
The Youth Blogger Network
Top 30 Bloggers under 21

Blogs by young people are difficult to find, so if you know one that’s not listed here I’d appreciate it if you mention it on a comment.

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