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a new home

I haven’t been posting or responding to your comments lately because we have just moved to The United States the day before yesterday! My father and I are staying at a place called Ithaca in New York state, since he’s coming as a visiting scholar at Cornell University.

I’m very excited to be here and I’m also curious about how different my school will be from that in Sudan. The schools are on holiday here, so we will search for schools after the holiday.

We’re currently staying at my dad’s friend’s house till we get to buy some stuff for our home.

I’ll tell you once we settle.

Oh, and I’m turning 13 today! It sure will be an unforgettable birthday.


sorry, no pictures


I’d like to thank Priscila and Stephie from Argentina very much for remembering my birthday. You are great friends.

I’m also happy for having made friends with Lauren and Mallorie.


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